i cyprus airways se tsonta?

pano pou eskeftoumoun oti en ixa tipote na sxoliaso, enas filos tou ouffou mou evale sto wall mou sto fb afto to video. emina me to stoma annikto! i cyprus airways sexy location stin tenia “Emanuelle’s Daughter” –  wow!

meta vrika ke to allo video – me locations stin petra tou romiou, sto kourio, stin pisina tou amathous hotel (opos vrika sto imdb edo), me kambanes pantelonia, poukamisa me anniktous giakkades, kathrefte giallia ke gennikos the whole 70’s nine yards. wow! enjoy


  1. As it can be ordinarily most effective to be able to SeaWorld.

    It’s hard to equate that violent era with modern-day paphos car hire, where the love goddess emerged from the sea foam Cyprida. This plan will make your arrival at airport. Getting Best Offer by Booking in AdvanceOne of the best on the island of Cyprus, you may be interested in a short time.

    • ouffou said:

      i really have no idea what you are talking about!

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